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[Today's XP N years ago] The beginning of BTS(BTS) history, the day when the first Billboard 'Hot 100' entry song 'DNA' was released.
Bangtan Boys group in Seoul Lotte Hotel Seoul on September 18, 2017 (bts)'s new album love yourself 承 the press conference, released ‘her’ was held.

Love yourself 承 ‘her’ Bangtan Boys of the new series love yourself first start of the mini album. The title song ‘dna’ is an electro pop with lyrics expressing the hearts of love and adventurous youth's mind on the basis of addictive and nyu intelligence and whistles.Sound of a guitar is particularly attractive music.

1.5 million pre-orders for the release of the spotlight and sold more than a love yourself 承 ‘her’ More than 149 million units shipped, was breaking its record for the most sales. The title song ‘dna’ music video is now also YouTube hits later one billion mark set a milestone.

In a press conference, a leader in the rm the United States Billboard the main singles chart, said the goal of wanting to enter the ‘Hot 100’ chart. Rm Shortly after the disclosure of ‘dna’ in the aspirations of the United States Billboard the main singles chart ‘Hot 100’, which is put on the following four consecutive weeks, stayed on the list. In addition, love yourself 承 ‘her’ is the main Billboard album chart, ‘Billboard 200’ six consecutive weeks in the maintenance of Bangtan Boys is Korean singer's first ‘Hot 100’ and ‘ the billboard.At the same time, entry into the 200 ’'m a singer.

Bangtan Boys were released last month, 21, three years last month, meanwhile, ‘dynamite’ rewrite the history of K-pop. Come on September 5, is ‘dynamite’ ‘Hot 100’ Now ‘Hot 100’ on September 12, and straight over the number one chart and chart new entrant to the top in the Mercury two consecutive weeks, and ‘.No. 1? record-setting effort, ’.
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