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BTS RM's unadorned daily life, 2nd solo album concept photo released
BTS (BTS) RM has released a concept photo of his second solo album.

BTS RM opened two versions of concept photos on the 1st and 3rd, with the release of his second solo album, "Right Place, Wrong Person," on the 24th at the same time around the world.

This concept photo has been completed with the work of photographers selected by RM himself. He reviewed the work of several artists with the album production team and selected the photographers who best fit the mood of the new album and gave them a positive love call.

RM asked photographers to interpret "Right Place, Wrong Person," the title of the album and the main message of the new album, in their own way. He also developed ideas by sharing his favorite scenery with them, and brought plain clothes that matched the background and used them as shooting clothes. Here, you can get a glimpse of RM's planning intention to take pictures of his daily life. Thanks to these efforts and communication, a concept photo was created that harmonizes both the unique characteristics of the writers and RM's taste.

Mizushima Takahiro, who took the second concept photo, said, "I wanted to capture the most natural side of RM," and RM wanted to make an album with joy like he was with his friends. So that he could put on an innocent smile, he wanted to feel like he was back in his boyhood."

The last concept photo of "Right Place, Wrong Person" will be released on the 17th. As the previous work was filmed in Seoul and Tokyo, respectively, the question of where the background of the third concept photo will be is amplified.

Meanwhile, RM's new album, which will be released on the 24th, will cover the moment when you feel like a stranger who doesn't fit in the place. The album is filled with 11 alternative genres of music that boast rich sounds, and RM participated in the lyrics of all the songs.
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