How can I pay for my order and how is my payment kept secured and safe?

We offer the possibility of easy, safe and secure payment by PayPal or Credit Card, with a 30 day refund policy (please see terms and conditions). Orders placed with us receive order confirmation by email or text (SMS), with a payment receipt also included at the same time.

We are registered and regulated for payments via ourĀ PayPal ProĀ Business account as well as ourĀ STRIPEĀ credit card services gateway account. The legal requirements with these payment providers ensures that the customer is protected by their robust business payment guidelines, refund policies, claims policies and fraud assessments.

Our own refund policy reflects the above conditions, which we are legally binded to respect and enforce.

Please note that we are not able to capture, store or re-use your personal payment details. We do not have the capacity nor capability to record and save your credit card details. All credit card financial transactions andĀ processes are handled remotely (not on our site) by the STRIPE payments gateway (registered primary payments authority for VISA, Master Card, American Express :Ā

We are ourselves also protected from fraudulant actions, notably with STRIPE performing all credit card transactional operations and processes, via direct customer bank interaction for the validation of all necessary parameters (CVC code, card owner, card registered address, balance/funds availability, card validity, card issuing authority, transaction type).

Which Currency is used for the payments?

All of our products are sold in USD (US dollars $) and therefore, any currency used to pay for orders shall be converted to USD at the current day's exchange rate for that particular currency. We do not take any commission for exchange rate services, as these are handles as part of the payment processing by PayPal or STRIPE.

To make it easier for you to check the price in your own currency, or one that you are more familiar with, we have made it possible for you to select on the home page a number of currencies, that then convert on the product pages the costs of each item, according to the selected currency. We offer the possibility to display USD, Euro, Canadian Dollar, Australian Dollar and British Pound Sterling.