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"Are you sad that you can't get exempted from military service?" → BTS RM "Time to grow up"
BTS RM (Kim Nam Joon-joon) answered questions related questions.

According to the Bulgyo Bridge on the 4th, RM has visited the pixel of music producer Kangsan Mountain, Jeollanam-do on December 29, last year.RM is personalized to take a rest of the music and foundation for music.

RM has learned the story of Hwasan Mountain and Seomjingang River in the hill where the lion's name is located in the hill of Jirisan Mountain and islands related to the Seomjin River.

RM said, "I wanted to go with Deokmun SUNG, saying, "I wanted to go to Iljjigae, but it's too late."Mr. Deokmun said, "Are you not receiving a military exemption).RM is a national citizen, "I want to do it as a national national country."That can talk about rights.(The mandatory period of hospital service will think it is an adult time."

Deokmun Smith said, "It will be a precious time for a year, but it will be a precious time to return to himself."

In addition, "BTS is loved by the world, so I hope you can actively watch music and love messages through music and videos."

RM has been walking on the "My mother's road" and left the "My mother's road" and left a greeting again.RM has a brown time and had a brown time.

On the other hand, BTS stops full-term a half of the personThe member is time to implement military service obligations.First of all last December last year, Kim Seok-jin (Lee Myung-jin) was active in December last year.Suga, J-Hope, J-Hope (Lee Myung-seok), J-seok, and RM is also necessary to implement military service obligations.Ji Min (Lee Myung-guk) is expected to join after personal activities, and Jung Kook (Lee Myung-guk) is expected to join after individual activities.
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