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The launch of BTS, a regular magazine specializing in BTS, Italy
Sprea S.p.A., an Italian magazine publisher, released a magazine named BTS last month. The first issue of the book is a front-page color with 80 pages of photos and interviews of BTS. Spreada plans to publish the magazine every other month.

It is reported that it is the first time that a magazine has been created that specializes in certain Korean singers or groups among major European countries. Sprea is a magazine publisher founded in 1993, and publishes 50 kinds of regular magazines in various fields such as music, science, animals, and travel. It has 18 million copies and 9 million online readers.

Although BTS' popularity and fan base have not been highlighted in Italy compared to France and the U.K., it is known that there are many "ARMY fans of BTS." Spreada said it has decided to launch a professional magazine as the number of BTS fans has steadily increased in Italy. Italy's Ami is said to be tens of thousands of people and has also campaigned to sign a petition to promote BTS' performance.

Spreada also cited the fact that Italian ARMYs are interested in possessing exclusive images and news beyond consuming BTS videos through YouTube as the background of the magazine's publication.

Meanwhile, the Korean culture promotion authority is also reportedly planning to consider promoting Korean culture in cooperation with the magazine.
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