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"The Importance of Cross Boundary Connections"...BTS Participate in the Global Art Project 'Do It'
Group BTS will participate in the global art project, "Do it, around the world."

"The two-it line-up is on the two-it line," London's Suffentine Gallery said on the 18th (local time).

"Two It" is an art project that began in 1993 when Hans Ulrich Obrist, a Swiss-born art director who was ranked No. 1 among the "100 Power People in the World" by ArtReview, a British art magazine, gathered a message about his work from 12 artists.

For 27 years, various artists have been making and sharing art creation methods that anyone can follow. It was implemented in various forms of exhibition in more than 150 spaces in 15 countries.

This year, as offline exhibitions were restricted due to coronavirus infections-19 (Corona 19), another art project was created that could be read anywhere as people around the world shared creative messages of "Do It" on SNS.

This year's project, with the subtitle "around the world," shares messages with more people around the world through collaboration with Google Arts & Culture.

In 'Two It's', BTS talks about 'The Importance of Cross Boundary Connections'. It is in line with the direction of the message delivered through the Speech Yourself speech to find your name and voice and the global contemporary art exhibition project CONNECT (BTS), which was announced at the UN General Assembly Generation Unlimited in September 2018.

In addition to BTS this year, musicians Arca, Kelsey Lu, installation artist Olafur Eliasson, Oscar Murillo, Precious Okoyomon, Shawanda Corbett, and Stickoff.

'Two It' is BTS's second collaboration with the Suffentine Gallery. Based on the philosophy contained in BTS's music, Surfentine Gallery first collaborated with BTS earlier this year through the global contemporary art project "Cert, BTS," which took place in five cities around the world, including London, Germany, Berlin, Argentina, Buenos Aires, New York and Seoul. At that time, he presented a work called "Cartarsis" by Danish artist Jacob Kudsk Steensen.
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