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Starstruck BTS says open to collaboration

BTS may have made history as the first-ever K-pop group to win a Billboard Music Award, but the Bangtan Boys found themselves gawking at their childhood heroes like little boys at last week‘s BBMA ceremony.

“We felt pressure as the first K-pop group to attend the ceremony, but had a blast seeing artists whom we’d only seen on TV,” said Suga of the group at a press conference in Seoul on Monday. “It was so amazing to actually see Drake.”

BTS got to do more than just stare; The Chainsmokers invited the members to one of their rehearsals. 

“We had a good talk. We have high hopes on (collaborating) with them. I‘m sure good news will come soon,” said Suga.

For V, it was a chance to see his childhood idol Celine Dion perform. However, the chance never materialized as the group was unable to attend the show.

“It was such an honor. But the door’s always wide open for a collaboration with her,” he said.

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