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Release 'Comeback D-2' BTS, 'Dynamite' MV teaser
Group BTS has released a music video teaser for its new digital single 'Dynamite'.

BTS posted the music video teaser for "Dynamite" on its official social media on Wednesday. The 28-second teaser for the music video for "Dynamite" begins with BTS, which is scatterㅠed after gathering, and features short but diverse scenes, ranging from dynamic group dance to close-up shots by individual members. Overall, a lively and fresh atmosphere stands out.
In particular, some of the upbeat "Dynamite" melodies and lyrics were released, raising fans' expectations.

Starting with teaser photos and music video teasers, BTS, which is increasing its comeback fever by introducing new contents of "Dynamite," will release its music and music videos to the world simultaneously on the 21st.

Dynamite, a disco pop genre, is a song that contains BTS's sincerity to spread vitality to global fans who are going through a difficult time with Corona 19.
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