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Netmarble updates 'BTS STORY' to BTS Manager game 'BTS World'
Netmarble (CEO Kwon Young-sik, Lee Seung-won) announced on the 6th that it has updated the BTS manager game "BTS WORLD" to add chapter 16 of "BTS STORY" and a new five-star card.

In the new chapter, BTS members will expand their activities worldwide through "IDOL," the title track of the LOVE YOURSELF fi "Answer" album.

Netmarble will add a new five-star card to commemorate the update, and hold a series of "Probability UP events" in which the probability of card ability appearing increases in the order of "Sensitivity & Wisdom" and "Passion & Fitness."

It will also hold a "seven-day attendance event" that provides abundant benefits to users who access the game, "Hot-time events" and "Free Wing Pull events" that increase the amount of draw mileage and gold acquisition, and the amount of account experience.

More detailed information about 'BTS World' can be found on official sites, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram.
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