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"Missed You." BTS, 750,000 ARMYs in their home turf with "Bang Bang Conversation

"I missed the stage, and that's how much I missed ARMY."

The group BTS (BTS, RM Jin Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, Jungkook) communicated online with 750,000 Army members around the world to soothe their disappointment that they could not meet due to the new Corona virus (Corona 19).

At 6 p.m. on the 14th, BTS held an online live performance "Bangbang Concert The Live" on the community platform Weverse and met fans from all over the world.

'Bangbang Concert The Live' is an online paid concert with the concept of inviting fans to the room of BTS, which marks the 7th anniversary of their debut. The concert was filled with a set list of songs from the beginning of BTS' debut to the recently released music

BTS, which first opened the performance with two songs, "Dope" and "Excited BTS," said its first greeting, "We can hear the cheers from all over the world," and "We will look forward to seeing ARMY running around in the room."

Tickets for the concert were sold at 29,000 won for fan club ARMY and 39,000 won for non-subscribed fans. At the end of the concert, the number of viewers surpassed 680,000 and reached 750,000.

BTS also mentioned the number of viewers in real-time, saying, "It's hot because ARMY's enthusiasm has been conveyed all the way over the screen."

BTS continued to heat up with energetic performances as if to soothe the disappointment of this year's world tour postponed in the aftermath of Corona 19. In particular, the newly released unit stages, such as "Jamais Vu" with J-Hope, Jin and Jungkook, "Respect" with RM Sugar, and "Friend" with Jimin V, drew enthusiastic responses from fans.

After finishing the unit performance, BTS expressed their nervousness. J-Hope said, "I couldn't help but be nervous because it was my first time to reveal it," while Jin said, "I was nervous and my legs were shaking when I climbed the stairs." RM said he was "too drunk with excitement" and confessed to making mistakes in choreography on stage.

BTS presented a preview of "00:00" and "Wook," which were originally planned for the world tour. At the same time, he also performed "Black Swan" and "Poetry for the Small Things," which he had prepared for the tour, drawing attention. In particular, 'Poetry for the Small Things' has increased its attraction with performances using LED umbrellas.

BTS followed with 11 performances, including "Go Go Over Worries" and "Anpanman," to express their feelings about performing in a long time.

"I felt once again that I was doing this job (as a singer) while I was on stage for the first time in a long time," J-Hope said. "I hope this love for ARMY and the stage will be conveyed well."

He also delivered a message of hope by confessing his fear he felt in a situation where everything became unclear with Corona 19.

"The stage was always desperate, so we're really having a hard time, but we're overcoming it well," Jimin said. "Let's find something that can make you happier when you can't meet us and meet again with a smile."

RM said, "In fact, I have a fear of 'Is this a future performance?' Nevertheless, we are doing something thanks to people all over the world who are working hard. We'll do our best to do what we can, starting with 'Bang Bang Concert.'

Sugar said, "I felt helpless because there was nothing I could do, even though it was hard and painful. In the meantime, I thought of something positive and made a self-improvement and mixtape. I believe we'll see each other soon," he said, promising to meet again.

On the occasion of the seventh anniversary, he also talked about the time to move forward together after renewing the contract. "The contract was supposed to end yesterday, but I met a good member and I could do it for a long time," Jin said, sharing a hug with the members.

The encore song is 'Spring Day'. After the encore stage, BTS wrapped up the performance by saying, "BTS and ARMY's spring day will definitely come."


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