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Man who used BTS’ name for scam indicted
A 37-year-old man has been indicted for fraud after allegedly pocketing a large sum of money from a local event management agency by promising to arrange fan meetings and events featuring K-pop supergroup BTS. 

According to local prosecutors, the suspect, surnamed Choi, runs a celebrity goods company and has recently signed a deal with BTS’ management company Big Hit Management and a French accessory brand to produce BTS-themed travel carriers and backpacks.

He received a total of 620 million won ($545,200) from the event organizer for casting BTS in their events, posing as if he had the right to organize fan meetings or events featuring BTS. 

Prosecutors said Choi had over 2 billion won of debt and struggled to pay 330 million won in royalties to produce BTS promotional goods.
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