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Lawmaker discusses military service exemption for BTS
Well-known lawmaker Ha Tae-kyung has criticized the current military exemption law, perhaps giving reason to hope to global megahit boy band BTS.

All able-bodied men in Korea are conscripted in the military for around two years. Exemptions can be granted, however, to those who rank atop certain international competitions designated by the government. 

(Big Hit Entertainment)
(Big Hit Entertainment)

“The list of the designated international competitions is unfair,” Ha said in an interview with a local radio show Friday.

“There are classic music competitions, such as violin, but pop music is excluded. Pop music No.1 is not included, making BTS who topped the Billboard chart irrelevant (to military exemption),” he said. “There are dance competitions (on the list), but not for B-Boying. Theater is included, but film isn’t.”

Ha continued, arguing that the law should be revised.

“The list was made in 1973, we need to investigate why the list of international competitions for military service exemption is limited. It’s not an issue of whether the list is long or short. It should be fair. We should make a fair list,” he said.
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