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Korean Cultural Center in China, BTS Jimin Produces Promotional Contents with Fan Dance Performance
"K-Culture, or Korean culture, is expanding beyond Korea to the world," the Korean Cultural Center in China said on its official Weibo account on the 30th. "We hope it will serve as a bridge that can best show Korean culture and promote exchanges of Korean culture with China."

The Korean Cultural Center in China introduced the fan dance among "K-FOOD" of kimchi, soybean paste soup, japchae and gimbap, which represent Korea as a promotional content for Korean culture, and "Korean dance is a form of artistic expression that moves emotions."

"Jimin, a member of the global popular idol group BTS, surprised countless K-pop fans around the world with his fan dance that took less than a minute at the awards ceremony," he said. "Do you want to go learn Korean traditional fan dance for foreigners together?" and posted a video clip of about three minutes.

BTS Jimin showed a fan dance performance at the intro performance of the IDOL stage of the 2018 Melon Music Awards, overwhelming the audience in a moment. The image was included in the promotional contents of the Cultural Center during the week.

Such images were enough to attract netizens' attention.
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