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[K-talk] Netmarble’s BTS mobile game set for Q1 release
Korean gaming industry giant Netmarble Games is introducing a new mobile game called “BTS World,” coupling gaming and K-pop.

“BTS World” is a simulation game built around the idea of grooming the BTS bandmates into superstars, with users playing the artists’ managers. 

(Netmarble, Big Hit Entertainment)
(Netmarble, Big Hit Entertainment)

Over 10,000 images and 100 videos featuring BTS will be available exclusively on the game, Netmarble said. The band will also perform all the music.

Netmarble launched an official website and Twitter account for the game Jan. 25 to an explosive response. The Twitter post teasing the upcoming game had earned over 171,879 likes and 70,810 retweets as of Wednesday morning.

The game manufacturer, in partnership with the label Big Hit Entertainment, previously announced its plans to develop more games featuring the boy group as part of its global expansion strategy.

“BTS World” is slated for release during the first quarter of this year.
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