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[K-Talk] BTS’ Suga may participate in Lee So-ra song

BTS’ rapper Suga may take part in an upcoming single by Korean singer Lee So-ra, which would mark the first time a song by the vocalist features rap music.

Lee’s agency told local media that Lee is currently preparing a new single that might involve collaboration with Suga and Tablo of the hip-hop trio Epik High, adding that it has not been confirmed yet.

Earlier in the day, a local media outlet reported that Lee is eyeing to return to the music scene in the second half of this year with a song composed by Tablo. It added that there has been ongoing “positive discussion” about Suga pitching in for the new single.

Suga is a rapper, songwriter and producer who debuted with the popular K-pop act BTS in 2013. His group is slated to release its newest EP next month as part of its new “Love Yourself” series.

Lee, who debuted in 1993, is considered one of the most accomplished female vocalists in Korea. Her music ranges from ballads to alternative rock, and she is noted for her unique vocals. 

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