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'Invincible' BTS, 4 sweeps of 'MAMA' targets for 2 consecutive years
The world-renowned group "BTS" swept all four grand prizes for the second consecutive year at the "2020 Mnet Asian Music Awards" (MAMA), the nation's largest music awards ceremony.

At the "2020 MAMA," a music awards ceremony held by CJ ENM on the afternoon of the 6th, BTS took all four grand prizes, including Artist of the Year, Song of the Year, Album of the Year, and Worldwide Icon of the Year.

BTS also won nine gold medals at the awards ceremony last year, winning all the grand prizes including Artist of the Year, Song of the Year, Album of the Year, and World Wide Icon of the Year.

She also won eight gold medals at the awards ceremony. In addition to the four grand prizes, he also won "Worldwide Fans Choice Top 10," "Best Male Group," "Best Dance Performance Male Group" and "Best Music Video."

BTS Leader RM said, "MAMA was the only award ceremony we weren't invited to when we were rookies. I really wanted to come and I was envious, but I'm deeply moved that I won a series of big awards," he said.

"I feel heavy because it seems like we are the only ones listening to the good news at a difficult time. However, I hope this "poor sincerity" can be felt. I'm careful, but time still goes and tomorrow comes. I hope I can live hard and watch it again with a smile." "Sometimes I'll sing like 'Dinermite' and sometimes as calmly as 'Life Goes On'," he added.

Shoulder Care Intensive Sugar, How do you feel on the Phone

BTS, who won this year's Album of the Year award for "MAP OF THE SOUL: 7," released in February, made a surprise phone call to Sugar, who was unable to attend the day due to her focus on recovery after shoulder surgery.

Suga said, "I'm watching it live. "I want to say thank you to ARMY," he said. "I won the most beloved album award this year after last year, and I was thankful that many people loved it."

"I'm rehabbing hard, so don't worry too much, and people around me are calling me that I'm watching 'MAMA' well, and I'm not there, but they said that," he said.

James Corden, the MC of CBS' "The Late Late Late Show With James Corden," made a surprise appearance as the winner of this year's Album of the Year award through the video. BTS has also appeared on the James Corden Show several times. "It's an honor to award BTS," Corden said.

In addition, BTS considered psychological connectivity important even in this time of year when he was separated from Corona 19. It was his speech after winning the "Worldwide Icon of the Year," which is given to the most popular artist among the "Worldwide Fans' Choice Top 10."

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[Seoul = Newsis] Reporter Lee Young-hwan = Boy group BTS (BTS) poses at the 2020 MAMA (Mnet ASIAN MUSIC AWARDS) photo wall event held on the afternoon of the 6th. (Photo = CJ ENM provided) 2020.12.06.
RM said in English, "You know, the world is big. I don't know if the world is really big. In terms of music and love, I don't think our world is such a big space. Thanks to your interest this year, I could feel love right next to you. It seemed like we were all connected. "Thanks to the Ami of the world, we won this award.

As of this weekend, BTS is certain to sweep major pop music awards for the time being. The previous day, he also won six gold medals in all three categories at the Melon Music Awards 2020 (MMA 2020). The 63rd Grammy Awards on January 31 next year is expected to be the pinnacle of trophies.

BTS, a spectacular stage...Big Hit Staff Received Largely

The last stage of "2020 MAMA" was also decorated by BTS. The performance was spectacular, with overwhelming supply input.

The pre-recorded "On" stage opened at Seoul World Cup Stadium before the distance-keeping stage was upgraded. It is composed of dynamic scenes such as shooting a crowd performance with a bird eye view shot with a marching band and dancer outside. At the awards ceremony, he performed "Dinermite" and "Life Goes On," which topped Billboard's main single chart "Hot 100."

In addition, BTS's agency Big Hit Entertainment showed strong performance in the staff sector. Bang Si-hyuk, chairman of Big Hit, was selected as the best producer. Pdogg, who has been working steadily with BTS, won the Best Producer Award.

Roommens, who directed the music video for "Dynamite" with impressive pastel tones, was named the best music video director. Mui (MU:E), who is in charge of the album artwork for BTS, is the best art director.
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