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"I missed you"...BTS Jungkook wrote his own song 'Still With You'
Jungkook (real name Jeon Jung-kook, 23), a member of BTS, released a solo song.

On the official blog and Twitter account of BTS, a link to the soundcloud of Jungkook's solo song "Still With You" was posted on the 5th.

The song was released free of charge through SoundCloud, an online music platform.

"Still With You" was produced by Big Hit Entertainment producer PDOGG and Jungkook, who made a number of BTS hits.

The song is a combination of the faint sound of rain, the lonely melody of jazz, and the beauty of Jungkook.

Jung-kook sings of his desperate feelings, saying, "We laughed together and we cried together. / These simple feelings were all I had / When would they have been / I'd like to see you again / I want to tell you in my eyes / I missed you."

BTS has been presenting various contents to fans since the 1st of this month under the name of "2020 BTS Festa" to mark the 7th anniversary of its debut.

BTS Festa is a festival that presents various contents to fans in early June every year in time for BTS' debut date, June 13.

During last year's 6th anniversary Festa, Jin released his own song, "This Night."
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