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Hyundai Motor has surpassed 100 million views on BTS' 'Global Hydrogen Campaign'
The special video of "Global Hydrogen Campaign" with BTS, which Hyundai Motor introduced on Earth Day, said on the 19th that it has surpassed 100 million views in 27 days.

The video, which was first released on Hyundai Motor's Worldwide YouTube channel on April 22, contains a message on the importance and hydrogen of sustainability to pass on beautiful Mother Nature to the next generation.

The special video is drawing keen attention from around the world, with 100 million views in the shortest period of time among Hyundai Motor brand campaign videos.

In the video, BTS members showed harmony with nature, emphasizing the precious languages of everyday life, and at the end of the video, NEXO, a hydrogen-powered car that does not emit pollutants other than water, delivered good energy "hydrogen" and a vision for a better future for Hyundai Motor.

The reason why the special video was able to achieve a large number of views in a short period of time is that BTS' visual beauty combined with nature, as well as the meaning of "beautiful Mother Nature's precious languages" in the video were sincerely conveyed to millennial customers, drawing high consensus.

A viewer who watched the video commented, "The video and message blend so well and I become more interested in Hyundai Motor, which is agonizing over social responsibility," and other cheering messages are posted, such as "It is really impressive that Hyundai Motor and BTS collaborate to save the Earth."

"We will continue to work with BTS to showcase various activities that can promote eco-friendliness and sustainability with sincerity," a Hyundai Motor official said.

Meanwhile, Hyundai Motor has been carrying out a Global Hydrogen Campaign with BTS since January to spread the eco-friendliness and sustainability of future clean energy 'hydrogen' under the slogan "Because of You."
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