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'Foreign celebrities fell in love!' BTS Confession to V appeared one after another.
Foreign stars are constantly confessing to V, a member of the group BTS. There are many stars who confess their affection for V beyond Korea.

Japan's famous golfer, Koiwai Sakura, once said that "I am a BTS fan and I especially like V and Tae-tae (a nickname called by V's Japanese fans)." Recently, an interview with Sakura was introduced on Junk Sports in Japan, and V's photo and Tata (character dolls made by V) drew attention in Sakura's room.

When the music video for BTS' "StayGold" was released, Chen Joong, a rising Thai actor and model, captured V's photo on his Twitter account and posted a message saying, "It's really awesome today." Through Instagram Live, Joong confessed his fan sentiment toward V, saying, "I love Taehyung because he is cool, handsome and talented."

Another popular Thai actor, Mew Supasit, also mentioned V's "Sweet Night" as his favorite of his Instagram live. Mewsfasit released a cover video of "Sweet Night" on Twitter on April 3.

Thai actor St. Supapong Udomkaecana said on TikTok Live that "BTS V is so cool and his favorite idol."

Sophia Abroga, a vocalist of the Philippi group "OPM," said she has been a fan of BTS for about five years since high school and has written hopeful love songs inspired by V, confessing that V is his favorite member.

V, who is called an idol's textbook and is becoming the envy of his junior idols, is captivating foreign stars with a variety of charms that he cannot take his eyes off.
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