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For BTS, priority for new album is fun, not rankings
BTS may be at the peak of a record-breaking career, but the band says the focus of its new EP, “Love Yourself,” is having fun and being “festive” rather than topping the charts.

“Literally, it’s about festivals. Setting records is important, of course, but for this album, we wanted to enjoy ourselves with fans. I think ‘Idol’ has a festive vibe as well,” said Suga during a press conference held in Seoul on Sunday to discuss the new album. 

(Big Hit Entertainment)
(Big Hit Entertainment)

The 16-track repackaged album overflows with upbeat, positive energy, with its lead track, “Idol,” exploding with rhythmical Korean traditional instrumental sound and groovy South African dance sound.

RM went on to elaborate on the album’s “festival” theme.

“When you think about festivals, (happy moments are fleeting, but you’re) left with garbage in the end. I personally thought life was like a festival. We don’t know what happiness is, and good times are like snapshots,” he said.

“We’ve come through such a long and arduous way, and in the end, we all should enjoy and shine together. Life depends on our mindset,” he added.

The “Love Yourself: Album,” released Friday evening, has been sweeping both the local and global music charts.
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