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"For ARMY♥"..."Music Awards" BTS VX Jimin, Surprise Christmas Gift
BTS delighted Amy with her special Christmas present.

Photo wall of "2020 SBS Music Awards in Daegu" was released on YouTube channel in the night of the 25th. "This video was filmed safely in compliance with quarantine regulations," a BS official said.

BTS, who appeared on the red carpet on the day, interviewed six members, except Suga, who was resting after shoulder surgery, wearing black masks. BTS, who poses thinking Sugar is present, greeted his fans with a playful look.

When asked about the "fashion concept," he answered sensibly, saying, "It's different," "It's warm," and "It's sexy."

Jimin and V prepared gifts for their fans for Christmas. V said, "The reason I gave a gift to ARMY at Christmas was because I was behind in preparing the mix tape. "I felt sorry for the waiting ARMY, so I decided to give them a Christmas carol as soon as possible."

Jimin said, "Those who saw what I wrote will know, but I thought there would be a lot of people who are having a hard time as well as the current situation, so I came out with a song because I wanted you to change your mood while listening to the song."

"I prepared hard for today's "Music Awards Festival." We are back with a great performance as much as you expected, so please watch it."

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BTS continued to show off his wit by kneeling down and bowing to the reporter, saying, "Heart attack."

Suga, will you watch BTS' performance today?RM replied, "I believe so strongly," and Jin joked, "If you don't see me, I'm going to hang up." " Yoongi, we talked on the phone about Christmas yesterday. Even though it was 6 seconds, it was a really fun call. Have a Merry Christmas," he said in a video letter.

"The year is just around the corner," Jungkook said. Soon you will be one year older. "The formation will soon be 30," he joked. "Why is my story coming out?" Jin said in a fit of anger.

Jung-kook then said, "I hope you will have a happy time for the rest of the days before you become one year older."

"Happy Christmas," BTS said Christmas greetings to Ami, who is waiting for them.

Meanwhile, Jimin released a song called "Christmas Love" on his BTS blog on the 24th. Slow Rabbit produced the song and RM and Jimin participated in the song.

V announced "Snow Flower" through official sound cloud, YouTube and SNS channels. It is the first song that Pickboy and V, who are known to be close to each other, collaborated together. "Snow Flower" is an R&B song that delivers warmth in cold winter by combining attractive vocals of the two artists on top of electronic guitar performances. In particular, in this song, the two participated in overall production, including lyrics and composition, showing the greatest synergy.
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