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BTS You don't have to go to the army until you're 30.the passage of a revised draft of the Military Service Act.
With the passage of a revision to the Military Service Act, the group BTS (BTS) has begun to postpone its enlistment.

At a plenary session on the afternoon of the 1st, the National Assembly approved a revision to the Military Service Act for internal affairs, which includes outstanding people in the field of pop culture and arts, on the subject of deferring military conscription and recruitment.

Under the revision, the government plans to draw up a presidential decree to delay enlistment until the age of 30 when recommended by the Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism.

The draft amendment to the Military Service Act was provided by BTS. BTS became the first Korean singer to top the U.S. Billboard's main single chart, "Hot 100," with its English single "Dinermite," released in August, sparking controversy over the fairness of the military service exemption. It was pointed out that it was unfair for the military service exemption for pure artists and athletes not to be applied to pop culture artists. In particular, the revision of the Military Service Law drew more attention as BTS's eldest brother, Jin (Kim Seok-jin), who was born in 1992, was about to join the military.

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In response, Rep. Jeon Yong-ki of the Democratic Party of Korea proposed a revision to the Military Service Act in September, which allows the postponement of military service by pop culture artists such as BTS up to 30 years old. This is called the "military service law" and has drawn keen attention.

Under the existing military service law, Jin was able to postpone his military service until the end of 2021, when he turned 29 years old, but he can work until 2022, when he turns 30 years old, after the revision of the Military Service Act was passed.

Meanwhile, BTS set another Billboard Hot 100 record with its recently released new album "Rain" title track "Life Goes On." This is the first time that a song with Korean lyrics has reached the top of the Billboard chart.
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