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BTS X Samsung Electronics Collaboration 'BTS Edition' will be released on July 9.
The identity of Samsung Electronics' collaboration with BTS, which will be released in July, has been revealed. Samsung's flagship smartphone 'Galaxy S20 Plus' is the main character.

According to the mobile telecommunication industry on the 3rd, Samsung will officially release 'Galaxy S20+BTS Edition' (tentative name BTS Edition), which is a color that symbolizes BTS, on the 9th of next month through self-supporting channels and 3 mobile network providers. July 9 marks the birth of the name of BTS fan club "Army."

Samsung Electronics has continued various collaborations since it formed an official partnership with BTS earlier this year. At the Unpack event held in San Francisco in February, V wearing a wireless earphone Galaxy Buzz Plus appeared in the video, making headlines.

Prior to its official launch, the BTS edition will be pre-ordered from July 19 to July 5.

In addition to smartphones, there is a possibility that wireless earphones (Galaxy Buzz Plus) and smartwatches (Galaxy Watch Active2) BTS editions will also be introduced. However, it is heard that consumers can choose whatever they want, not as a package like the Galaxy Z Flip Tom Brown edition.

BTS Edition was first released on the 31st of last month through Samsung's mobile social networking service (SNS).

Samsung Electronics released a teaser video on Twitter suggesting the launch of the BTS edition with the phrase "Say Hello to the best of us."

The 13-second video features seven purple hearts symbolizing BTS and boxes imprinted with Samsung and BTS logos.

At the end of the video, he said, "Find your purple on July 9," heralding the official release date of the new product.

The Galaxy S20 is Samsung Electronics' ambitious project to mark the new decade. It was expected to sell about 40 million units before its release, but due to the aftermath of the Corona 19, it has been selling only 70 percent of its previous model.

It seems that Samsung Electronics has decided to launch a collaboration product with BTS in order to make up for sluggish sales of Galaxy S20 before launching its flagship product Galaxy Note 20 (tentative name) in the second half of this year.

Its strategy is that BTS, which has a thick fan base around the world, and its preference for purple (purple) colors proven by the Galaxy Z flip can create synergy.
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