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"BTS World Another Story Season 2" by Net Marble and "Seokjin" by Chapter 4.
The new chapter of "ANOTHER STORY Season 2" of "BTS WORLD," which features BTS (BTS) as the main character, will be decorated with the story of member "Seokjin."

CEO Kwon Young-sik and CEO Lee Seung-won said on the 5th, "We have updated the BTS manager game 'BTS World' developed by Take One Company to add a new chapter and a new five-star card for 'ANOTHER STORY Season 2'."

Another Story Season 2 is a virtual scenario-based content that BTS members, who have lived different lives, meet through a suspicious store called "Magic Shop." Chapter 4 will reveal a special holiday story of BTS member Seok-jin at the 'Hotel of Fear'.

In commemoration of the update, Netmarble will add a new five-star card and hold a "probability-UP event" until the 18th, in which the probability of appearing by card ability increases one by one.

In addition, there will be a "seven-day attendance event" that provides various benefits to users who access the game, a "hot-time event" that increases the amount of mileage and gold earned, and a "free wing extraction event" that allows them to acquire wings free of charge every four hours.
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