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BTS Wins 2 Best Campaigns for UNICEF...1.8 Billion Donations기부'Good Influence'ing
BTS' "Love My Self" campaign was selected as the best campaign in the 2020 UNICEF Inspire Awards and event category.

UNICEF said on the 22nd, "BTS held a 'Love Myself' campaign in and out of concert halls such as the U.K., Hong Kong, and Thailand, which held a world tour last year, to promote violence against children and adolescents around the world and share the true value of love for me with fans around the world."

The UNICEF Inspire Awards selects the most inspiring campaigns in the world in 18 categories for 100 campaigns in 50 countries throughout the year.

The dual integrated campaign and event section selects the most influential and inspirational campaigns in various areas, including promoting children's rights, raising funds and promoting them.

BTS has joined hands with UNICEF's Korean Committee in 2017 to carry out a social change campaign called "Love My Self." The campaign is a new type of global campaign in which BTS' "Love My Self" and UNICEF's global campaign to root out violence against children and teenagers meet.

To that end, BTS and its agency Big Hit Entertainment set up a fund and donated 500 million won to UNICEF's Korean committee. It also raised funds with 3 percent of net profits from sales of "Love Yourself" series albums, full net profits from sales of official campaign goods and donations from the public.

In 2018, it achieved 1.85 billion won in donations, 1.2876 billion won of which was paid by Big Hit and BTS members together. In addition to the aforementioned campaign start cost of 500 million won, there were 60 million won in individual donations from members, about 12.86 million won in prize money from Big Hit Chairman Bang Si-he, and donations from album revenues reached 714.82 million won.

Fan club ARMY also donated 313.13 million won by purchasing emoticons for donating Kakao and Line Store, which were made with photos of BTS, and goods exclusively for the "Love My Self" campaign. In addition, various types of donations, including direct donations through the campaign's official website, donations to Kakao Story's online fund-raising box, and donations to auction members' personal collections, also collected 196.81 million won. In particular, the novel "Demian," which came out as a collection of leader RM at the UNICEF auction, was sold for 6,867,000 won, drawing much attention.
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