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BTS will definitely have a spring day for ARMY.

The group BTS' online live performance "Bangbang Concert The Live" marked the grand finale of its seventh anniversary "FESTA." BTS held a paid live streaming performance "The Live" on the community platform Weverse for about an hour and 40 minutes from 6 p.m. on the 14th.

"Bangbang Concert" was a meaningful time for BTS, which celebrated its seventh anniversary while providing evolution beyond the non-face-to-face "Unact" performance and a paid "Ontact" performance that newly connects each other online. Official figures have not yet been released, but 750,000 people from all over the world have logged on at the same time, with some 480,000 cheering sticks ARMY BOMB shining.

"Bangbangcon" opened its spectacular doors with its powerful "Dope." He immediately swept the stage with "Excited BTS." RM opened his mouth, saying, "The shouts are being heard all over the world," and V said, "I'll look forward to seeing you running around in the room." Suga also posed for cheers like a real concert hall and blew off a Jindo lip kiss. J-Hope announced the start of 'Bang Bang Concert' by shouting "I am your hop, you are my hop, my name J-Hope" as usual concert.

The emotional and sensual stages of "Like" and "Just One Day" followed. Above all, BTS' unit song stage was released for the first time in "Bangbang Concert". J-Hope, Jin, and Jung Kook's "Jamais Vu" were performed by RM, Suga by "Respect," and Jimin and V by taking turns performing "Friend" After the stage, BTS gave a cool assessment of each other's stage. In addition, they continued to talk about each other's favorite studios along with preparing for the new album, satisfying the ARMY's curiosity.

It was followed by the stage of "Black Swan," a world tour setlist that was originally prepared, and "Boy With Luv." V said, "I want to have a great stage with ARMY," and RM said, "I'm looking forward to the day when we can get together and enjoy the stage together."

BTS, who reappeared on stage after finishing the performances of "Go Go" and "Anpanman," expressed their feelings about "Bangbang Concert." J-Hope said, "It's been a long time since I did my makeup, did my hair, wore a microphone, and performed with in-ears. This is what I am. I knew you were in this job. I missed the stage so much and I missed ARMY too. I don't know if our hearts were conveyed well as we worked hard to prepare for it, but I hope that our love for ARMY Daven will be delivered well. I'm happy. Please shout out loud."

Jimin said, "We've been having a very hard time because of the bad situation. It was hard because he was desperate for the stage. The time we spent together was hard to express in words, but I think he expressed his love for it. We are trying to grow and overcome. We hope to find something that will make you happier when you can't meet us."

"I got used to it a lot, but I'm scared," RM said. There is also a fear of whether this is a future performance, but thanks to the ARMYs around the world, we need to gain strength and give hope. We'll do everything we can, starting with 'Bangbang Con'." "I've always thought a lot about it and watched a lot of video clips of the performances. It's more heartbreaking, and even though ARMY are not at the concert hall, I hope it'll be a new beginning as they are all over the world."

Sugar said, "I really wanted to perform. It was not a situation we could do anything about. I made my own progress thinking of positive self-improvement. Many things are changing and it's so hard to perform, but there are cheers, energy, and the next song is being continued, and we're being seen from all over the world. I can't see it, but I thought I'd see it soon. Let's meet again soon."

"It's been more than half a year since I've seen ARMY," V said V. While preparing for the "ON" album, the new song said it would raise ARMY's shoulders above the clouds, but it's a shame that we haven't been able to show you the performance. "I'm glad that 'Bangbang Concert' was performed, and I want to feel the voices and heat of the ARMY fans as soon as possible, and I want to perform as soon as possible." "The performance ended on June 14. It's my seventh birthday on June 13, and my contract is ending yesterday, and I can meet the members of a good company for a long time. I will visit you as soon as possible," he said.

The encore song was 'Spring Day.' "Spring Day" added meaning as it was chosen as the favorite song of fan club ARMY among countless previous songs. BTS, who sang "Spring Day," said, "Amy's Spring Day will definitely come. I finished the day with a final greeting.

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