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BTS, we've got a Grammy nomination...a chance of winning a prize
The group BTS (BTS) has finally been nominated for the Grammy Awards, a symbol of the conservative mainstream American music scene.

The U.S. Recording Academy, which organizes the Grammy Awards, announced the list of candidates for the 63rd Grammy Awards on the 25th (Western U.S. time) and nominated BTS's "Dinermite" as a candidate for the "Best Pop Duo/Group Performance."

In the meantime, BTS has quickly pushed into the heart of the pop market based on its strong fandom, new generations, and sentiment that resonates with the market. Grammys, which have been under pressure from diversity and innovation, are also believed to have had to reflect this trend.

Attention is now focused on whether BTS's name will be named the winner at the Grammy Awards, which will be held on January 31 next year.

When BTS, who hit the album "Map of the Soul: Persona" last year, was finally excluded from the Grammy nomination, fans and the music industry were criticized. At that time, Rolling Stone, a U.S. music media outlet, pointed out that "Grammys, as usual, are behind the times."

Since then, BTS has made a stronger showing in the mainstream pop market. "Dinermite" topped Billboard's main singles chart, became the most popular hit in North America among BTS songs, and became a "BTS sensation that no one can deny" (Lim Jin-mo, a pop music critic).

Scenes such as major award ceremonies and music festivals in the U.S. promoting BTS first among the cast members, and the BTS stage being placed at the finale at the recent "2020 American Music Awards" are no longer new.

Regarding the failure of the Grammy nomination so far, popular music critic Jung Min-jae said, "In a way, there have been checks on K-pop. However, for the past two years or so, K-pop has not been able to keep it in check, and there has been a number one song called 'Dinermite.'"

As such, the popularity of BTS has become an important cultural phenomenon that is difficult to dismiss and cannot be ignored by the mainstream pop music industry.

The nomination is the most visible and symbolic gesture of recognition by the Recording Academy member, or the mainstream American music community.

In particular, since the Grammy is an award ceremony that colleagues in the music industry evaluate with musicality, it can also mean that K-pop, which has been disparaged as a "product" in the West, has been fully recognized for its artistic value.

Critic Im Jin-mo said, "(K-pop's) presence itself has penetrated into the mainstream of the U.S. That is most important after all," he said.

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If BTS wins the Grammy trophy beyond the nomination, it will mark an important milestone not only in Korean pop music but also in the history of the Grammy.

Considering the competitiveness and popularity of BTS's activities, some say that it is possible to win the Best Pop Duo/Group Performance category.

Lee Kyu-tak, a liberal arts professor at George Mason University in Korea, said, "When we look at the Billboard charts and the music market this year, our performances were as good as those of other groups or duo," adding, "Since we received high reviews socially and culturally, we think we have a good chance of winning the award."

"Dinermite" received a lot of love when it comforted people with its unique fun energy and retro disco pop sound in a pandemics situation.

However, it is difficult to predict whether the Grammy's conservatism is so deep-rooted that it can lead to the award. The Recording Academy has recently accepted new members to increase the proportion of women, minorities and young members, but it is also criticized for still lacking innovation efforts.

Candidates competing with BTS are also prominent. Except for BTS, including Jay Balvin, Dua Lipa, Bad Bernie & Tiny's "Un DIA," Justin Bieber and Quibo's "Intensions," Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande's "Rain on Me," and Taylor Swift and Bon Eber's "Exile," all of them are collaboration among top stars, which are recent pop trends.
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