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BTS V quote spotlighted "Love and Healing Happiness Evangelists"
Foreign media focused on the sincere message delivered by BTS (BTS) V, drawing attention.

On the 8th, Elite Daily, a North American entertainment media, introduced V's impressive quotes and lyrics, and recommended them as Instagram captions, making headlines.

Elite Daily said that BTS has left a wise message such as success, love, and friendship that fans can keep in mind through interviews and lyrics of songs, and emphasized that member V gave the most memorable advice.

The media said that V gave his own song "Sleep" to fans in desperate need of comfort on the 20th of last month and deeply moved them with heartfelt lyrics that moved their hearts, and selected 12 quotes from V and recommended them as Instagram captions.
V, the etymologist of "Borahae" who became the symbol of BTS and is influencing the world, left a deep impression with original, positive and sincere love, from the phrase "We love and trust each other for a long time like purple, the last color of the rainbow.

My heart is bound by Winter Bear's "Imagine your face / Say hello to me / All the bad days / They're nothing to me", Sweet Night's "My heart is bound to me".

"Don't be hurt by the failures or frustrations that arise from practice and effort," he said at a press conference for the April 19 release of the album Persona. As a way to get you up the stairs, frustration and failure will be a memory and a growing factor," 20 Dear class of 2020, "Rely on your heart. "Even if it's hard now, opportunities and luck will be waiting for you," the message gives comfort and strength to those who challenge.

V's deep voice, which delivers original and sincere love and encouragement, comfort and positive power, is expected to come with some beautiful lyrics and messages in the future.
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