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"BTS V 'Inner Child' EBS FM 'Audio Heaven' rave reviews..."

Member V's solo song "Inner Child" was well received in the album review analysis of the group BTS' "MAP OF THE SOUL: 7."

EBS FM "Audio Heaven" is a podcast-type audio content that provides various information through the hosting of experts in various fields, and in the "BTS Bangtan Heaven Season 2 #1-1, 1-2" episode, reviews and vocal analysis of BTS' new album were followed by idol-specialized vocal trainer Shim Joong-sup and misrecorded guest.

Park Hee-ah, a cultural critic who hosted the event, especially mentioned V's solo song "Inner Child" as the best track on the album. "Personally, it's my favorite song on this album. The member's narration is so well contained in the song that I picked as the best," he said, explaining why he chose the song.

"V, who is famous for sharing his memories with fans, has released all his memories with one song and even his character has been revealed directly," he said. "It's a chocolate-like song that fans know and listen to."

Vocal trainer Oh Jae-rok also said, "Personally, it's the song that I look forward to the solo stage the most," citing a clear genre transformation from R&B to the Brit Rock genre and a shift to a concise and powerful singing style as the points. It was also a common assessment that he formed a consensus that made everyone look back on their childhoods and comforted.

V's "Inner Child" is a song that conveys comfort to himself who was worried and anxious about the future on a young day, and fans around the world also continued to be touched by "Inner Child Challenge" in which fans around the world also comfort and love themselves in the past. The American entertainment media elite Daily praised "Inner Child" as "one of the deepest songs in the album and featuring V's beautiful vocals."

Meanwhile, the show received a variety of favorable reviews for the songs and their members, including "A fun album that savors the members' various personalities," "BTS is the idol group's coordinates to move forward," and "an album that has unlimited motivation to create and a constant spirit of challenge."

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