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BTS V Celebrates 7th Anniversary Advertisement 3 companies will be on airwaves

Fans' love for celebrating the 7th anniversary of BTS V's debut will be transmitted on the airwaves of the three airwaves.

On Tuesday, he unveiled the fourth project of his Chinese fan club "Baidububa" to celebrate V's seventh anniversary. The fourth project, named "ALL FOR TAEHYUNG," will be carried out on the day the music broadcast programs of the three public broadcasters are broadcast. Video clips celebrating V's debut will be aired on TV commercials on the 12th (KBS Music Bank), 13th (MBC Show Music Center), 14th (SBS Popular Song), and three days.

Baidububa said the reason for choosing the three companies' airwave broadcasting is that it has the advantage of producing national networks and premium content.

Celebrating the 13th, BTS' debut day, "Baidu-Buba" is gradually announcing the project to entertain fans.

The first project is to create a "V Road" featuring V in seven major hot places in Seoul, 17.4 kilometers, with an affectionate message saying, "You fill our four seasons with the most precious being in the world."

V's large billboards were installed at seven major bus stops where "V Road" was held as a second project, and the third project carried out three stages of advertising linked to Kakao Talk and Melon to support V's music activities.

With no activities of BTS in China, the support of powerful fandom proves V's status in China. On the 6th, "Baidububa" held a support fund event for V's birthday (December 30).

It set a remarkable record of about 170 million won (1 million yuan) in just three minutes and about 340 million won (2 million yuan) in 22 minutes. The record of raising 340 million won in just 22 minutes was that the shortest period of K-pop broke about 50 days.

V's record set by Chinese fans has an unparalleled record not only for advertising but also for joint album purchases. It has the best record of co-purchasing K-pop albums for two consecutive years, and BTS is also the biggest buyer.

Every year, the project to celebrate V's birthday is not only active in advertising but also in donations, spreading V's good influence widely.

On his last birthday, he announced the construction of a 100-meter-long road pavement and a 10-meter-long bridge in Chogyechon, Shanxi Province, China. The two sites, named "Kim Tae-hyung Bridge" and "Kim Tae-hyung Road," protect children in the Jogye village from going to and from school safely on rainy days.

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