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BTS V, amazing super-brand power...It's sold out just by touching it. It's sold out again.
Clothes and accessories worn by BTS (BTS) V have been sold out again, proving its brand power.

More than 10 clothes and fashion items worn by V are sold out in a short period of time after the release of the music video for "Dynamite," which is writing a new history of K-pop, are having a huge impact on the fashion industry as a fashionista.

The red LANVIN cardigan that V wore in the "Dinermite" music video was sold out, followed by the blue cardigan that BTS wore in the video speech at the Korea Broadcasting Awards on the 10th.

Calvin Klein Easyware, which was worn in the scene of V making scorched rice learned from his mother on JTBC's entertainment program "Industrial Forest BTS," which aired on the 9th, also attracted fans' attention. All sizes of the clothes were also sold out after the broadcast.

In addition, the bracelet that V briefly showed in the video celebrating member Jungkook's birthday also immediately became sold out when fans found the same product and shared information.

Sandro Paris' sky blue suit, which V wore in the 2020 Seoul Tourism Promotion Campaign video "V" released by the Seoul Metropolitan Government on the 6th, also joined the out-of-stock lineup.

Not only global companies but also small and medium-sized Korean companies are proving V's "midas hand" effect by participating in marketing using V's brand power regardless of items such as clothing, books, food, perfume, hair products, accessories and home interior.
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