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BTS V #1 on 'Idol Who Wants to Climb Together'
V topped the idol ranking chart "Best Idol" app with 6,7589 votes, with 186,000 people participating in the vote, which was held from August 27 to September 2 under the theme "Which male idol do you want to climb together?"

When V saw a group of birds flying up Achasan Mountain as a penalty for the game on BTS's own entertainment show "Run BTS," he said kindly, "You're going for a walk in the morning."

Later on V LIVE, V asked me to come to Achasan Mountain again, smiling and saying, "Are you going to be at the top? Then I'll go," he said tactfully, making fans excited.

BTS Jungkook came in second and Baekhyun of EXO took third.
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