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BTS Teaser Reveals Music Video for New Album 'BE' Title Track "D-2"
Group BTS has released the music video teaser for the title track "Life Goes On" of its new album "BE (Deluxe Edition) and has begun its comeback countdown.

BTS posted the music video teaser for "Life Goes On" on its official SNS account on Wednesday. The 20-second video shows BTS's free and comfortable appearance.

The music video teaser for "Life Goes On" begins with a close-up shot of BTS sitting around a bonfire and smiling at each other. Then, they will be dressed comfortably like pajamas and stare at the same place.

Overall, the warm and free-feeling video captures the simple charm of BTS. With the release of a new music video teaser for BTS's new story, fans are anticipating the full version and the new album.

Ahead of the release of the new album "BE (Deluxe Edition)" on the 20th, BTS drew attention from around the world by releasing concept clips featuring everyday lives of ordinary people in their 20s, followed by concept photos based on the theme of "Boom," and tracklists made with handwritten letters.

In particular, the new album "BE (Deluxe Edition)" is all the more meaningful as BTS participated in the overall production from the planning stage, including concept, design, composition, and music video.
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