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BTS talks about success in pop stronghold of US
After making headlines with its recent show at Staple Center in Los Angeles, BTS sit down with the Grammy Museum to discuss its music, love for fans, achievements and more.

The highly anticipated event titled “A Conversation with BTS” took part at the museum in Los Angeles on Tuesday. It was the first time a Korean act had participated in an event held by the organization.

Hosted by the museum’s artistic director Scott Goldman and attended by about 200 fans, the event saw the seven K-pop stars’ talking candidly about topics such as the group’s musical path, the process of album production and the relationships between bandmates. 

(Big Hit Entertainment)
(Big Hit Entertainment)

Introduced by Goldman as the most successful K-pop act on US charts, BTS was asked how the act’s performance at the Staples Center differed from its US tour last year.

J-Hope responded, “I think the major difference was that we were able to meet our fans across four performances with our new music.”

“Many fans responded to our music and cheered for us with passion, and that’s what made our stage so meaningful.”

Suga talked about BTS’ success and music-making process, saying, “I think our motivation for our achievements has been expressing our own thoughts and feelings through music. I think we were able to make various genres of good music thanks to our teamwork.”

Jimin chimed in and said that the bandmates try to coordinate different ideas on music through conversation.

Giving more details, RM explained that coherent topics have been the gist of the group’s musical projects.

“Since our debut, we’ve crafted albums under the themes of school, youth, and ‘loving myself.’ Our albums have also given us the chance to look back on ourselves and think about the meaning of love again,” he said.

Crediting the group’s loyal fan club ARMY for its remarkable global success, V said “Fans gave us wings. They helped us a lot on our way up here, and we have a very close relationship with them.”

Jin added, “Our ‘Love Yourself’ tour is a moment where we get together with fans, not just our own show.”

BTS kicked off the US leg of its world tour titled “Love Yourself” in Los Angeles on Sept. 5. The band will continue the tour in Oakland, California, on Wednesday. In November, the group will hold a dome tour in Japan, visiting Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya and Fukuoka.
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