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BTS Sugar 'Daechuta' WORLD #1 Weekly YouTube... "27 million views in 30 hours"
The music video for "D-2," a mix tape released by BTS Sugar, topped the K-Pop Radar weekly YouTube view chart.

According to K-pop radar on the 26th, Suga's second mixed-tape title song "Daechuta," released under the stage name "August D," recorded 2,7173,115 views during the 21st week of K-pop radar 2020 (May 17 to May 23). It topped the K-pop radar weekly YouTube views chart, recording just 30 hours during the week's tally.

"It took 84 days for the first mix tape 'Agust D' released in August 2016 to surpass 10 million views, while 'Daechuta' surpassed 10 million views in just eight hours," K-pop radar said. "This shows that the size of BTS and Sugar's fandom has increased exponentially in the past four years."

According to K-pop radar, the previous mix tape songs released by August D shortly after the release of "Daechuta" were also re-examined, showing a sharp increase in the number of views. According to the daily number of views on the 23rd compared to the 21st before the release of "Daechuta," "August D" increased 6.3 times to 1.76 million views, and "give it to me" increased more than 7.7 times to 240,000 views.
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