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BTS reveals new album release date and possible concept By Kaitlyn Kubrick - May 11, 2020

BTS reveals new album release date and possible concept. The group made a broadcast to reveal details of the comeback, release date, and concept.

BTS is very busy and will be for the next few months. The boys are on the way to release their Japanese album, scheduled for July 15, which will include a couple of new songs and several versions of singles in that language.

Between photos, hobbies and interactions on Weverse, the group took time to make a live broadcast on their YouTube channel and talk about their next Korean comeback, which they are already working on and revealed when it will be released and the concept they will handle., we tell you the details.

During the broadcast, the boys shared different ideas and how the process of their album is going, since each of them has an assigned task this time. Apparently, the guys are planning to work another 5 more months on the comeback , as Jin and Suga discussed their release in October.

About the concept, Suga spoke of his desire for them to write songs with the same aura of “Spring Day”, which RM supported, since he believes that life always continues despite adversity, they have already explored the dark part and fears of people with MOTS7, now could express what is after overcoming fears and ends with those shadows, the part full of light.

ARMY also already has the first clues to start with the theories even before the album is released, as Suga, Namjoon and Jin gave key words about the album, the concept could be described through telepathy, letter and sympathy.

Perhaps their songs and lyrics will talk about how grateful they are to ARMY, or how you can help others and be empathetic to them and create a special connection, all through music. ARMY, are you ready?

Despite the fact that they are about 5 months away from their comeback, ARMY will have new music sooner than expected, since the boys have already announced Map of the soul 7: The Journey, their new Japanese album that will have several versions in that language in addition to one song written by Jungkook, you can listen to them on July 15.

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