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BTS Reveals First Stage of 'Dynamite' in 'VMA'up to four crowns
The group BTS performed its first performance of the single "Dynamite" at the "2020 MTV Video Music Awards" with the four-time winner's honor.

BTS was invited to the "2020 MTV Video Music Awards," the world's most prestigious event, held on the morning of the 31st (Korea time). Due to the Corona 19, BTS appeared at the awards ceremony by delivering domestic stage videos and acceptance speeches.

With the title track "ON" from its fourth full-length album "MAP OF THE SOUL: 7," BTS has been nominated for a total of four categories: "BEST POP," "BEST K-POP," "BEST CHOREOGRAPHY," and "BEST GROUP," which were released in February.

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BTS, who won all four nominations at the awards ceremony, said his acceptance speech in a video clip.

"Best Group" and "Best K-pop" have been awarded for two consecutive years since last year. "I'd like to thank ARMY for their two consecutive years of glory. We will continue to make music that can comfort many people.

This is the first time that 'Best Pop' has been awarded. The members smiled brightly and said, "We are happy and grateful to receive the award in the Best Pop category," adding, "We would like to give this honor to ARMY and everyone who supports us."

The "Best Choreography" category is an award given to both artists and choreographers, and performance directors Son Sung-deuk, Lee Ga-heon and Lee Byung-eun of Big Hit Entertainment, who choreographed "ON," also won the award, showing the global influence of the Big Hit production team.

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In addition, BTS performed its first digital single "Dynamite," which was released on the 21st at the "2020 MTV Video Music Awards." The MTV Video Music Awards was the first time that BTS performed a new song, drawing keen attention and expectations even before the awards ceremony.

Wearing retro-concept costumes that emphasize individuality, BTS performed a sophisticated and cheerful choreography to the exciting and bright "Dynamite." Adding a cheerful charm to the dynamic group dance, it received explosive responses from fans around the world who watched the awards ceremony.
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