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BTS Reveals Family Photos of 'FESTA' Celebrating the 7th Anniversary of Their Debut

The group BTS released a family photo at "FESTA," which was prepared to mark the seventh anniversary of its debut.

The agency Big Hit Entertainment (hereinafter Big Hit) posted photos of its family consisting of various concepts on its official SNS channel on Tuesday.

In the photo released on the same day, BTS showed off their black and pink suits as well as their solo stage outfits, creating a pleasant and warm atmosphere from intense charisma to witty poses and expressions.

He drew attention with his humorous appearance, wearing sunglasses of various colors that contrasted with black suits and posing in individual poses.


BTS holds "BTS FESTA" in early June every year in time for its debut date, June 13, and communicates with fans around the world by introducing colorful content sequentially.

This year's "Festa," which runs from June 1 to 13, has plenty of things to see, including family photos, photo collections, profiles, choreography videos, and bulletproof birthday parties. Earlier, a summer version of the song "Airplane pt.2" from LOVE YOURSELF 轉 "Tear" was released as the first content, giving fans around the world joy.

Meanwhile, BTS will hold an online live concert titled "Bangbang Concert The Live," which will be held for about 90 minutes from 6 p.m. on the 14th. The feature is that you can enjoy performances more vividly through a total of six multi-view screens, allowing you to select the screens you want to see in real time among the six multi-view screens played simultaneously in one player.

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