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BTS Reveals concept photo of new album 'BE'
Group BTS has released its first concept photo of its new album, "BE (Deluxe Edition)."

BTS posted a group concept photo of its new album "BE" on its official social media on Tuesday.

In the picture, BTS is sitting in a room with a piano and microphone, enjoying a music party comfortably. The contrast between the room on the blue wallpaper, which gives off a lively energy, and the serious eyes of BTS, surrounded by various instruments such as tambourines and xylophones, creates an unusual atmosphere.

Sitting in a comfortable position, BTS played musical instruments with his peers in the concept photo. Each person wore items such as jackets, hats, and bots to make them feel like an instrument player in a homeware look that can express themselves well.

BTS, who spread messages of hope and vitality to the world with the disco pop genre's "Dynamite," released on August 21, is comforting the world with music that tells their true story in the new album "BE."

"BE" will be released all over the world at 2 p.m. on November 20, and BTS actively participated in the overall album production, ranging from music to concept, composition and design.
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