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BTS Pre-recorded a stage video of his new song 'Dinermite'
Amid the imminent release of the group's new song "Dynamite," reports have drawn attention that the members are pre-recording stage videos.

On the 17th, a media outlet reported that BTS will pre-record its new song "Dynamite" somewhere on the same day. The stage is expected to be unveiled at the "2020 MTV Video Music Awards," which will be held on the 31st (Korea time).

In the aftermath of Corona 19, BTS had difficulty attending the awards ceremony. Instead of attending the ceremony, it is expected to greet global fans online through pre-recorded videos.

In response, Big Hit Entertainment declined to comment, saying, "Please understand that it cannot be disclosed except on official schedules."

Earlier at the "2020 MTV Video Music Awards," BTS was nominated for a total of three categories: "BEST POP," "BEST K-POP," and "BEST CHOREOGRAPHY," raising expectations for the award.
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