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BTS "Pandemic period, ARMY, I want to see you in my self-composed song."
Group BTS member Jungkook said he wrote his own song about the fans he wanted to see as a fandom.

Recently, a leading U.S. entertainment media outlet, Variety, published an article titled "BTS Reflects on Songwriting, Inspiration and Artistry."

Asked if there were any hobbies or creative activities that helped him endure the difficult times of the Pandemics, member Jungkook mentioned his self-composed song "Still With You."

Jungkook said, "Because of the coronavirus, many plans have been canceled, postponed, and redesigned. I felt lost and confused about what to do.

"I wrote 'Still With You' during the festival in June. It contains the feelings that the fans really miss, which I felt at that time," he explained, making them feel nostalgic about the fans.

"I started to think about how I would use this period to prepare for the day when I could see my fans again. All the members worked really hard and adapted to the new situation a lot.

"Still With You" is a self-composed song released by Jungkook ahead of the seventh anniversary of his debut and was released free of charge through SoundCloud, an online music platform.

Jungkook once said the lyrics of S'til With You, "It's raining when I dance alone / I'll run with wet feet when the fog is lifted," mean, "If it rains, I'll go to the fans in that condition."

Meanwhile, is Jungkook comfortable with the way musicians interact with their fans through online platforms such as YouTube and Weverse? When asked if there is any pressure to enter traditional platforms such as radio, he said, "It is most important for us to listen to our music, like, sympathize, and be connected to our music."

Who inspires you these days? In a question asking, "What is your dream to collaborate with?" Jung Kook picked American singer-songwriter Lauv and Korean singer Rain.
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