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BTS' new song without veil... Take off the "best" modifier and put your love for music
The new song "Yet To Come" by the group BTS (BTS), which took off its veil on the 10th, expressed the honest feelings of those who emerged as world stars with calm melodies.

The song is an alternative hip-hop genre with a medium tempo, with members RM, Suga, and J-Hope participating in the lyrics and composition, as well as the lead producer of his agency Big Hit Music.

It was made by the so-called "Chipmunk Soul" sampling method, which samples Ar&B and Sol vocals, adjusts the pitch and speed freely, rearranges them, and melts them into the beat.

Big Hit Music, the agency, said, "It's a song that tells you that you've been together through difficult times calmly but powerfully from the first verse to the end, and that your tomorrow will shine more than yesterday and today."

In fact, "Old to Come" combines the calm voices of the members under a warm atmosphere throughout the running time of 3 minutes and 13 seconds, making listeners comfortable.

BTS said through the song, "Everyone says we're the best names," adding, "Now I'm just running because the song was heavy and I liked it," expressing pressure on the public's attention focused on "phase" rather than music.

He also emphasized his unchanging pure passion and love for music, saying, "I just like music, there's still not much different from him," adding, "I've changed a lot, but I haven't changed."

They ended the song with a message of hope, saying, "You and I best moment is yet to come" to ARMY, who has supported them for the past nine years.

The released music video of "Old to Come" also faithfully captured the atmosphere of the song.

The music video, which was filmed in a vast desert, featured props that appeared in the music video of BTS's main hit song, with the concept of connecting their past and present.

Big Hit Music introduced, "As the old Toocom is a song that looks back on BTS's musical journey and promises a brilliant future, the music video also shows BTS's expectations for the past, present, and future."

In addition to the title song, the new album Proof contains two new songs, including "Run BTS" and "For Youth."

Run BTS is a powerful uptempo hip-hop genre song that contains the seven members' commitment to run without change. Members RM, J-Hope, Jungkook, and Suga participated in the song work. BTS's debut song is a song that gives you a sense of spirit and freedom.

For Youth is a song of BTS's gratitude to ARMY for giving a brilliant youth.

BTS promises fans that "I'll be with you for the rest of my life" with a soft melody and analog sound in harmony.

Meanwhile, among BTS's new songs, "Run BTS" and "Born Singer" were judged as "inappropriate" according to the KBS song review.

According to the KBS website, the two songs received "inappropriate" results for "lyrics using abusive language, slang, and vulgar expressions." Another new song, "For Youth," was judged "holding" because it did not attach lyrics corresponding to the sound effect of the concert hall in the first 30 seconds of the song to the deliberation document.
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