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BTS’ new album ranks No. 1 on Amazon’s music preorders

K-pop band BTS’ upcoming new album became the most sought-after record among music preorders on Amazon, according to the online retailer’s website Wednesday.

The EP “Love Yourself Seung ‘Her’” stood at No. 1 in Amazon’s CDs & Vinyl category, according to Amazon’s website and Big Hit Entertainment, which is BTS’ management agency. 

Amazon started accepting preorders for the album Tuesday at 7 a.m., a first for the US retail giant in selling Korean pop records.

“Love Yourself Seung ‘Her’” will be released Sept. 18. The album is the first in the band’s new “Love Yourself” series, which will be rolled out in serial format in 2018.

BTS recently joined a special remake project celebrating the 25th anniversary of the debut of 1990s legend Seo Tai-ji. BTS released “Come Back Home,” a remake of the singer’s 1995 gangster-rap track, earlier this month. 

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