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BTS MV site enjoys popularity
An aerodrome shot in a BTS music video has become a popular tourist site with fans from around the globe.

The city of Jecheon, North Chungcheong Province, posted a YouTube link for “EPILOGUE : Young Forever” on its official website to promote the city with growing interest in Mosan Aerodrome.

It also put up a banner saying, “Come to Jecheon, BTS’ Music Video Site.”


A part of the video displays the Korean boy band walking on Mosan Aerodrome, which is located in the city’s Goam-dong.

The aerodrome is the property of Ministry of National Defense and was established as a military training facility in the 1950s.

However, Mosan Aerodrome nowadays mainly serves as a public park after Jecheon and the Defense Ministry agreed to release part of it to the public.

Cafes and restaurants have cropped up in the vicinity, creating the ambiance of a tourist site.

A city official said, “Mosan Aerodrome is also enjoying popularity coupled with BTS’ global success.”
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