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BTS launches online archive 'Armypedia' to reach out to fans
Global K-pop phenomenon BTS has launched an online archive, inspired by its dedicated fans around the world, where their fans, known as Army, can get together to record memories from the band's six-year career, the band's management agency said Friday.

"Armypedia" at has gone online and will officially go into operation starting on Monday to gather together BTS fans to collectively record memorable moments of the six years since BTS' debut on June 13, 2013, according to Big Hit Entertainment. Big Hit also launched SNS accounts for the archive.


"Armypedia, a compound combining the name of the official BTS fan club, 'ARMY,' and 'Wikipedia,' where Internet users log on and edit information on their own, is a reservoir of digital records," Big Hit said.

The new archive has entries for the 2,080 days since the group's debut until Feb. 21, 2019. Users can upload data in the form of letters, photos or videos.

BTS also launched a global campaign to promote the new Internet site in seven metropolises -- Seoul, Los Angeles, New York, Tokyo, London, France and Hong Kong.

Hyundai Motor, a South Korean carmaker for which BTS serves as a brand ambassador, also joined the global campaign.

The latest move is part of BTS' efforts to reach out to its fans, known for their unusual dedication and loyalty.

"Armypedia is a global campaign that is impossible for anyone in the world but BTS," Big Hit said. (Yonhap)
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