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BTS Jungkook's solo song "Jet Lag," Jeff Benjamin's 10th playlist "Snowy."
Jeff Benjamin, a Billboard columnist known for his "K-pop evangelist," drew attention for mentioning the group's BTS Jungkook's solo song "My Time."

On the 19th, Jeff Benjamin released 10 songs on his Twitter account that he had heard the most in 2020.

This is a list of 10 songs, retweeting a tweet titled "What is the Top 10 Most Played Songs in 2020?" posted by Jeff Benjamin, a media outlet for "Pop Crave" that provides information such as pop culture news and chart updates.

Among them, BTS member Jungkook's solo song time difference drew attention as it was listed on the top 10 songs revealed by Jeff Benjamin.

In particular, "Jaggy" was the only song that went up among BTS songs, and American singers such as Lady Gaga's "Stupid Love" and Ceramic Cat's "Say So" were also included along with several K-pop group songs.

Meanwhile, Jeff Benjamin made a new dimension at the stadium with a review of Jungkook's solo song "Uforria" performance at the last Seoul concert of BTS's "Love Yourself: Speak Yourself" (LOVE YOURSELF: SPEAK YOURSELF)" held in October last year. "I got goose bumps every beat," he said.
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