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BTS Jungkook exudes charm in "Agattal" in the U.S."Eyes and ears are all satisfied"
BTS (BTS) Jungkook captivated fans with his charm in "America's Got Talent."

BTS appeared on NBC's popular audition program "America's Got Talent" on the 17th and performed "Dynamite," which shines at the top of Billboard's "Hot 100."

On the stage, Jungkook drew attention with his solo part of the intro. Jungkook then gave off his charm with a swag-filled free dance, with a wink that melts women's hearts to the rhythm and beat of an exciting song.

In the center performance part, Jungkook captured his eyes and ears with his unshakable singing skills, including the wonderful sharp group dance and the high-pitched part, which harmonized theft and softness.

Jungkook showed the standard of a retro-pretty boy in the 90s with rich black hair, straight jeans, and check pattern jackets.

Fans responded by saying, "Jungkook's talent, beauty, God-byeok," "He's so cute," "The trusted introduction," "Live Simmons" "All eyes and ears are satisfied," "The immersion in the introduction is great," and "The masterpiece is just one second away."

Meanwhile, the outdoor amusement park, which pre-recorded "Dinermite," added significance as Chinese fan "HeartToHeart_KookV" held a light show for Ferris wheel from August 29 to September 1 as a support for Jungkook's birthday.
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