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BTS Jimin's "Heart Attack" pictorial?"In a indifferent and chic manner.
BTS Jimin once again showed off his warm-hearted visual and superior physique through Fila's official Weibo.

On the 25th, Fila posted a new summer pictorial of BTS members through Weibo's official account. The released pictorial features Fila's constellations, including the Big Dipper, which has a space theme centered on purple color, a T-shirt from the "Voyager Collection," which was designed and released inspired by space, and full-body cuts and group cuts for each member wearing shoes.

Among them, Jimin's superior physical and warm visuals caught the eye. Jimin wore a purple short-sleeved T-shirt with black jeans and gray-toned slip-on shoes. Ji-min's indifferent and chic expression, which is staring at the side with her head slightly turned, attracts attention.

Fans responded by saying, "Wow, Jimin's legs are superior in proportion," "Model Force Jimin's physique, visual, and atmosphere are all perfect," "Jimin's charming and chic look is cool," and "I think I'm going to fall into mysterious eyes."

Meanwhile, the upcoming BTS, which includes Jimin, is set to hold an "on-contact performance" on June 14, in which they communicate online in real time with fan ARMY.
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