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BTS Jimin Sets 450 Million New Record for Solo's Only Sportify Solo
BTS Jimin set a new record for the only Korean solo artist to surpass 450 million streams of solo songs on Spotify, the world's largest music site.

Jimin's solo song "Lie" surpassed 124,988,842 streaming on the BTS "WINGS" album released in 2016 as of the 27th.

"Serendipity:Intro" by LOVE YOURSELF £ HER, which surpassed 200 million streams on the 11th, and "LOVE YOURSELF £ Answer" by "LOVE YOURSELF £ ANSWER" by "Serendipity: Pooliness".

In addition, Jimin's "Filter" from the album "Map Of The Soul:7", which achieved the shortest record for a Korean male solo, is still popular beyond 122,538,985 streaming.

With four solo songs, "Lai", "Serendipity" (Intro+Fullance), and "Filter", the total has exceeded 451,208,156 streams.

BTS Jimin has achieved the best record for each solo song in the BTS official album on the world's largest music site "Spotify," and shows strong solo power by running the highest number of streaming songs among team members.

In particular, the record surpassed 400 million streams of Spotify's four solo songs in November last year, breaking Korea's first record in two months, and has established itself as a representative artist of K-pop on the world's largest music platform with more than 320 million users in 92 countries.
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