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BTS Jimin, Rolling Paper Moved by Members 'Mungle'
The "Rolling Paper" shared by BTS Jimin with BTS members is touching the ARMY around the world.

A rolling paper written by BTS members in "BTS Birthday party," which was released at midnight on the 13th to mark the 7th anniversary of its debut, was released on BTS' official SNS account along with hashtags "#Rolling Paper #7th Festa Hello" to BTS.

Jimin is well known for having a special affection for the members and thinking of them as family members more than anyone else. The Rolling Paper, which was released this time, is also eye-catching as it reveals Jimin's warm heart toward the members.

RM, the leader of the team, left a message saying, "Thank you for being a leader and I'm truly happy to be my brother before being a leader," and Jin, the oldest, expressed his respect, saying, "I'll always thank my brother for letting me feel new values and letting me know what's most important to me living in this world."

Recalling his trainee days, Suga said, "I was able to come all the way here when he said he wanted me to join the team and join him," showing his deep gratitude for seven years.

The members also left words of gratitude to Jimin, who has worked hard as a prop and a mood maker in the team.

The eldest brother Jin said, "Jimin, you're a great friend. I'm so happy to be with you." He is the oldest but he spent a long time with you, but now he has a special affection for Jimin, who is like a friend.

J-Hope told Jimin, "You're a good brother, but you're like a brother. I have been very willing and encouraged by you for 7 years. In a way, I think you were the driving force behind me," he said, expressing his special affection as a roommate of seven years.

"Don't be sick, my friend. If you're having a hard time, I'll smile and approach you as if you've given me your hand." The youngest member of the team, Jungkook, expressed his gratitude for the improved atmosphere thanks to Jimin's hard and exhausting efforts, saying, "I think about the team and your attitude toward the team is beautiful."

As Jimin was able to confirm once again that he is a person who strengthens BTS' solidarity with a warm heart that always empathizes, comforts, and encourages the members more faithfully than his own feelings, fans who saw the Rolling Paper also expressed their wish for Jimin to be loved more.

Meanwhile, on the 16th, BTS Jimin delivered to fans the news of working on the new album song, behind-the-scenes stories of Bangbang Con, and the seventh anniversary of his debut through BTS' official YouTube channel "BTS TV" live.
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